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Race, Accessibility and Online Learning

BLACK IN MOTION: Annual Black History Month events at FCAD.
EVENT DATE: 23 Feb 2021, presented by SMACT and FCAD

This event brought together academics, artists, activists and students for a panel discussion about online learning at the intersection of disability, accessible learning and race. Following the panel discussion, there were opportunities for students to share insights from their own learning experiences in order to contribute to a document of best practices for teaching and learning in the pandemic and beyond.

Featuring guest speakers Syrus Marcus Ware, Tamika Walker, Taylor Lindsay-Noel and Gloria C. Swain.

Taylor Lindsay-Noel

Taylor Lindsay-Noel is a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario Canada. 12 years ago she was a Canadian national gymnast but in 2008 under the coercion of her coach she had a devastating accident that instantly paralyzed her from the neck down for life. Since then Taylor has persevered through adversity and has received a BA in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University. She is currently balancing being a motivational speaker, podcast host, disability advocate, and owner of Cup of Té Luxury Loose Leaf Teas which was just featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things List 2020!

Tamika Walker

With a loud, charismatic personality and a big heart, Tamika has always wanted to be seen as a resource for those living with disabilities in the Afro-Caribbean communities . Starting her journey in Behavioural Science and Technology at George Brown College, Tamika dedicated 5+ years to working directly with children and youth diagnosed with Autism on skill development across various settings such as group homes, schools as well as IBI. Now as an alumni of the Disability Studies program at Ryerson, Tamika committed herself to changing the ableism that exists within her community. She has attended various events within the Greater Toronto Area surrounding disability and race as well as contributed to a Transnational Disability Studies Course starting in this coming year. Most recently ,Tamika served as a committee member of the Anti- Black Racism Committee for Ryerson University.

Gloria C. Swain

Gloria C. Swain is a multidisciplinary Black MAD artist, activist and mental health advocate. Swain works within the mediums of installation, painting, performance, and photography. Her work challenges and connects intergenerational traumas to ongoing colonial violence and mental health. She has shown in Toronto, Manitoba, and Montreal. Swain holds a Community Arts certificate and master’s degree in environmental studies.

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