Augmented Reality

The Trans Expressions Haven – X SMACT launch party. December 10, 8pm to 12am at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

Tickets: or PWYC at the door.

BREAK THE BINARY and enter into Cyber-queer-utopia. An in-person celebration of the new virtual space showcasing the art of trans+ artists. Featuring a virtual walkthrough of the Transgender Expressions Haven and performances by Yovska, Gay Jesus, Silk Burlesque, DJ Slow Masc and more!

Join the Studio for Media Activism and Critical Thought (SMACT) and the Transgender Expressions Haven, a not for profit organization building community for transgender artists in a celebration of their latest virtual exhibition, Queer Digital Intimacies. The event will feature virtual reality art as well as an all transgender line up – speaking to the themes of digital creativity as transgender peoples.

Queer Digital Intimacies is the Transgender Expressions Haven’s (THEHAVEN.LGBT) first virtual art exhibition, held in the space of augmented surreality.  The first edition of this cyber artistic queer space, is curated by artist scholar, Sol Cabrini. This exhibition is an archive project of the now and the not yet, featuring submissions from all transgender, non binary, 2S, intersex, gender questioning and other gender transcending artists that want to join the conversation on trans-ing the internet through queer intimacy.

Together, through dance, drag and DJ sets – we will come together for an exploration of how transgender identity circulates and is created in online virtual space – through intimacy, through coming into the self, and through discovering who you are in a cyber haven.

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