Unsettling the Feminist/Queer Archive: A Roundtable Discussion

Laboratory of Feminist Memory IV – Intimate Dwelling: Part I

Home much? In this two-part pandemic edition, we ask our quarantining artist/scholars to consider the home as a generative space for feminist/queer counter archives of all kinds. See also Part II Remediating the Feminist/Queer Archive: Objects in Domestic Space

EVENT DATE: Monday April 12, 2021

This roundtable discussion brings together young scholars, filmmakers and artists, and curators using feminist/queer/decolonial approaches to think about their engagement with media archives, not only as a research method, but as a material, embodied site. Together, the guests will consider what lies outside of the realm of the institutional and colonial archive, the role of domestic and community archives, and how their creative and scholarly practices make space for other stories, gestures, and modes of being. 

Featuring: Ayanna Dozier, Amanda Ann-Min Wong, Morgan Sears-Williams, Genevi√®ve Wall

Unsettling the Feminist/Queer Archive: A Roundtable Discussion
Photos of participants in the Roundtable Discussion
Featured in the Roundtable: Ayanna Dozier, Genevieve Wallen, Morgan Sears-Williams, Amanda Ann Min Wong
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